"When Samantha Feng Shui'd my office, it went from feeling like this empty space, to all of a sudden having all of this new energy and vitality. People love coming into the space. The moment they come in, they say, "It just feels really good in here!" Samantha put my desk in my "money corner" and since then, my business has truly never done better. She really knows how to open up portals of energy and create spaces that align you mind, body and spirit. She helps you allow your fullest expression out, and allow abundance and all good juju in. This girl is the real deal!"

--Alice Fulks, Founder A* Light Picture

"After meeting Samantha, I knew it was time to commit to having my apartment "Feng Shui'd".  She is passionate and has a deep knowledge for the practice, and the changes she made in my home through her work have been incredible.  I feel a completely different sense of flow and energy in my space, and I'm so glad I made the decision to do this work.  I would highly recommend Sparrow Feng Shui to everyone."

--Devon Craig, Wanderlust Yoga

"Samantha was great! She came into our new home, and helped guide how we should set up our house, room by room using feng shui. For each room, she explained in detail how to maximize the energy flow in each area by using different elements. I didn't have any previous experience with feng shui, and Sam really broke it down for me. We selected the 3 hour appointment from her website and feel like it was a great investment. We are still in the process of moving in, and I'm really excited to live in the end result."

--Karen D

"So I've been a bit of a skeptic about all this kind of stuff really works... But I must say... I'm turning into a bit of a believer!  Sam spent 90 minutes with me working with my space... She was full of ideas that hadn't even occurred to me. It's been about a month since our session and I have taken most of the suggestions. It's pretty trippy... I swear I'm happier when I wake up in the morning in my apartment.  I'm enjoying my time at home in a different way, and I've noticed that I am more available/present when I'm out in the world AND actually getting business opportunities with minimal effort... AND my love life is coming into a new balance that feels healthier.  I don't know how this Feng Shui thing works (I'll leave that to Sparrow) but fresh energy is welcome in this home any day!"

--Bahia S, Founder, Yoga Bay

"After buying my first house, I was interested in Feng Shui'ing it as I've always had an interest and belief in the philosophy.  I bought a couple books and spent hours researching it online but always found myself questioning whether or not I was interpreting and implementing things correctly.  I hired Sam after seeing her business on Facebook and I am so glad I did.  She worked from a paradigm slightly different than the one I was using and the changes she made to my space really stimulated some major changes in my life; it was exactly what I needed.  She took the time to explain what she was doing and why, and even sent links to purchase items she thought would further benefit me and my environment.  I can't recommend her enough.  Thanks so much again, Sam!  I can't wait to have you out at my office.  Best of luck to you and your business."

--Jill L

"Sam is the real deal. She came into my home & gave me clear direction about how to work with my space to maximize the energy. Simple & clear. I've definitely noticed an upsurge in my productivity and things are moving forward more rapidly in my life since she came and worked with my space. I also found myself cleaning out old clutter and things that no longer serve me since she worked her magic... Something that I'd been resisting doing for ages-it happened effortlessly & organically. And things continue to keep moving and evolving-like it opened up a flow. I'm stoked that I had Sam feng shui my home. I would recommend her to friends for sure! And would definitely use her skills again!"

--Brynn K

"Sam was such a pleasure to work with on making some easy changes to Feng Shui my home. She is really knowledgable and explained all the elements to create better flow and prosperity based on my personal goals. Additionally, she made wonderful recommendations that helped me find some special items to enhance the energy. It was a great experience all around and it's been exciting to see life opening up."

--Michelle S

"The first time I met Samantha I loved her energy and demeanor.  I thought having my guest house Feng Shui'd would be a fun and beneficial way to rearrange and decorate.  I also was looking to feel more connected to my space and create a feeling of being settled.  The changes she made totally made a difference. I would highly recommend Sparrow Feng Shui to everyone."

--Sarab Shakti K