Samantha Colicchio fell in love with Feng Shui as a little girl when she discovered that moving things around in her bedroom gave her a sense of power and excitement. After attending New York University, Samantha moved to Los Angeles, a mecca of personal growth and fulfillment, and started practicing Feng Shui. Studying at the American Feng Shui Institute helped her to discover that her lifelong affinity for redecorating was actually a sensitivity to the energy in her space! It feels good to renew energy that has gone stale, and today, this is what she does professionally. If the home is a metaphor for our "insides," it is very telling when our homes are full of clutter, and uncomfortable to inhabit.  When a client feels stagnant, Samantha comes into the home and shakes it up!

Samantha specializes in Flying Star Feng Shui, one of the oldest forms of Feng Shui. It takes the client's birth date, home direction, the year the home was built, and the current year into account--making it one of the most individualized forms of Feng Shui. Samantha hones in on the elements needed in the home and the client's best directions. Using these ancient principles, Samantha is able to identify problem areas, increase functionality of a room, create sacred spaces for meditation and prayer, help craft inspiring office spaces, and make the bedroom a relaxing and sensual haven. Samantha works in homes and in offices to maximize the prosperity, health, wealth and personal growth of the people who inhabit them. At this time, Samantha works with women and couples only.

Aside from making house calls, Samantha also teaches Feng Shui! She recently taught a series of 3 workshops at Wanderlust Hollywood, LA's hottest yoga studio and hub for all things wellness, and at the fabulous Indigo Alliance in Pasadena.